Cospicon SA is a company with 40 years experience in production of high quality, innovative outdoor roof systems. All these years we have been making sure that life on the balcony, the patio, the garden is made even more enjoyable.


Design Control Sun and Shade
Cospicon - Control Sun and Shade with CospiBio bioclimatic pergola

Choosing a pergola to cover a porch or a patio,allows you to open and close the louvers to control the amount of sun reaching in. CospiBio pergola  can be customized to fit any architectural style.

Control Sun and Shade with CospiBio bioclimatic pergola and CospiScreen vertical shading system.

CospiScreen  is a unique system. With its sophisticated technical design, it creates a modern touch to homes. Thanks to the special stitching of the fabric in the side guidance, the CospiScreen  basically increases the roller blind’s resistance to wind. When in the closed position, it offers shade and block out the sun.