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Cospisun Pergola

Cospisun coverage is an excellent system which provides superior physical properties, endless specification options , it matches unique architectural designs and helps to achieve a sophisticated look in every construction. It is waterproof pergola with natural lighting and ventilation, light transmission roof and at the same time ensures shade depending on the color of the polycarbonate and the combination of repetition of aluminum slats.

Cospisun types

Cospisun is available in 4 different types


Cospisun meets every need of individuals and professionals

Cospisun cover is made of unbreakable polycarbonate and aluminum, lightweight construction can be installed on any existing structure of cement, wood, metal, regardless of shape and size. Ideal for terrace, garden, bbq, garage, roof, balcony, canopies, sunrooms, outdoor play, family areas, swimming pool, garden centers, green houses, ware houses and all roofing and siding in architectural, industrial and public buildings.


COSPISUN pergola is lightweight and easy to handle and install, it has high resistance to extreme temperatures -50Cº to + 100Cº , to impact, to hailstone, to snow and wind loads, provides natural lighting from polycarbonate leafs depending on the color we choose, shading from aluminum leafs, continuous ventilation, waterproofing and complete UV protection.

Cospisun does not allow harmful UV radiation to penetrate and meets the highest flammability standards in its field.

Cospisun System

Cospisun system is available either as a complete solution with structure or as a coverage in structure that already exists, or only the polycarbonate sheets with the necessary mounting accessories.


Aluminum leafs can be painted in all RAL colors, polycarbonate leafs of Cospisun system are available in White Opal with 45% light transmission, Bronze with 25% light transmission, Sun Control Grey with 20% light transmission, Sun Grey with 35 % light transmission and Clear.

White Opal
White Opal
Sun Control Grey
Sun Control Grey
Sun Grey
Sun Grey

Main Benefits & Advantages

The most economical coverage with multiple benefits

Non-toxic system is produced from friendly environment materials

The most favorite system of individuals and professionals

Provides 10 years factory warranty

Quick and easy installation

Immediate delivery

Ideal solution for every place

Cospisun compact polycarbonate sheets

Cospisun flat solid sheets are produced from unbreakable polycarbonate and combines extremely high impact resistance with high clarity, resolution and light transmission which makes them excellent for highly demanding applications.


Stronger than glass and less than half its weight

Blocks harmful UV radiation

Available in colors bronze, control grey, sun grey, opal and clear

They are formable and machinable according to the construction (tunnels, one slope roof, two slopes roof, arch shape roof)

Easy to handle and install on every existing structure

10 year warranty

Good acoustical insulation

Cospicon SA

Classy sun and weather protection for large scales.

Elegant visual appearance, approved technique, high efficiency.

Experience, knowledge of design and technology as well as beauty and functionality.

Add a fantastic new outdoor room to your house and get the most of the summer nights.