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About Us

35 years of innovation

Cospicon SA is a company with 35 years experience in production of high quality, innovative outdoor roof systems. All these years we have been making sure that life on the balcony, the patio, the garden is made even more enjoyable.

As the pioneer in manufacturing customized retractable awnings, Cospicon offers unmatched engineering for perfect performance. Since 1981, we have led the industry in technological advances, and continue this tradition of engineering excellence in all our products. Every component, feature and option is designed with this focus on innovation.

For you, this means your awning is perfectly crafted by our team of experts with attention to every last detail and our shade systems are built to last.

Why Cospicon?

Many options to suit your needs

Fast delivery

Custom made

Excellent service

Quality design & construction

Cospicon SA

Greek technology and manufacture are 100% used

All systems we produce are adjusted to the required dimensions.

Creating the perfect fit and style

As a company, we are proud of our tradition of innovation and engineering excellence.

Our products are more than precisely crafted, they also offer a number of benefits to homeowners, such as the ability to block the sun, but preserve exterior views. In addition, homeowners can expand their outdoor living spaces while beautifying their homes.

Cospicon’s product line includes retractable awning models, louvered awning models, fixed awning models that are available in a range of dimensions depending on the model selected.

With the widest variety of features and options in the industry, homeowners have the ability to completely customize their Cospicon Shade System, creating the perfect fit and style for their homes.

Awnings manufactured & installed by Cospicon

Our electric and manual shade systems are refined, elegant, and completely reliable, as we strive to provide homeowners and business owners alike with the best awnings and outdoor comfort.

With an extensive selection of products in countless styles, we have the ideal shade solutions for any setting, whether you would like a motorized awning or a manual awning to cover your patio, a large dining area, a restaurant, a winter garden, a storehouse etc.

Cospicon’s patio and deck awnings allow you to engineer the perfect day. Enjoy the sunshine when you want it and create shade when you need it simply by handle or pushing a button.

Our awnings allow you to enjoy a full, open view of the outdoor space around your home while under your canopy. Plus, we have a huge selection of optional features, including wireless remote controls, automatic sensors, and more, so that your awnings can function as precisely as you want them to.

Cospicon also makes custom window louvered awnings. These shade systems are ideal for shading your home or business during the hot summer months and can even reduce energy costs by keeping excessive sunlight out. Plus, they can be opened in the winter to allow the sun to hit the window panes, keeping your building warmer.

Awnings can be made to order in sizes that precisely match the respective spaces they are going.

Innovative & high quality products

We specialize in supplying outdoor roofs for external spaces such as terraces, patios, verandas, gardens, decks, barbecue areas, outdoor kitchen areas and any other type of activity where the adaptability of a high quality roof is the ideal solution for you.

We use our experience and knowledge to meet the needs that you want to obtain from your external covered space. Behind the success of Cospicon are the high quality products and the innovative nature of products from a technical and design point of view.

Every system we are producing has something extra to offer over and above its primary function allowing the customer to gain more value from its use and utilization.

Cospicon SA

Classy sun and weather protection for large scales.

Elegant visual appearance, approved technique, high efficiency.

Experience, knowledge of design and technology as well as beauty and functionality.

Add a fantastic new outdoor room to your house and get the most of the summer nights.

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