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Green Building System

Green Building System is a unique system with controlled lighting conditions that conserves energy resources of the building.

The ideal facade

With reliable modern construction materials Green Building System is ideal façade for buildings because it facilitates the everyday life, creates a pleasant and healthy environment inside the building, is eco-friendly by saving energy and it is recyclable. An old building can change appearance and become modern ensuring shade and reducing air conditioning costs for the Interior.

Control your environment

The blinds have been specifically designed with the opening and the distance between them to ensure the shading and ventilation of the building. In this way we control in the best possible way the heat transfer to and from the building and achieve the maximum energy savings through more efficient use of heating and air conditioning systems, while minimizing the corresponding expenditure.


Saves energy and reduce energy costs all year round

Protects against intense heat that causes the sunlight

Is elegant solution with excellent mechanical resistance

Creates a pleasant and functional space within the building

Offers comfort and enjoyment within the building with controlled lighting conditions

Protects from ozone from the reflection of the sun on the glasses of the building

Increases the soundproofing

Cospicon SA

Classy sun and weather protection for large scales.

Elegant visual appearance, approved technique, high efficiency.

Experience, knowledge of design and technology as well as beauty and functionality.

Add a fantastic new outdoor room to your house and get the most of the summer nights.