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CospiBio Pergola

Modern and elegant system that ensures a very chic atmosphere to your place and provides additional space to do whatever you want.

Natural air circulation

CospiBio pergola is designed in a way to make the most of sun‘s radiation and the natural circulation of air. Our system enables energy reductions while setting and maintaining a pleasant temperature and favoring natural light

During the hot periods CospiBio louvres allows the air passage and provides a pleasant temperature to the sheltered areas, when the weather is bad CospiBio louvres close and keep the area watertight.

Expand your living space

CospiBio adjustable pergola allows you to optimize and expand your living space and it is designed to fit in with all architectural styles and be in harmony with nature.

CospiBio pergola creates the kind of space where indoors and outdoors come together, enables energy savings, allows a pleasant temperature to be set and maintained . provides water proofing and privileges of natural lighting

Cospicon SA

Classy sun and weather protection for large scales.

Elegant visual appearance, approved technique, high efficiency.

Experience, knowledge of design and technology as well as beauty and functionality.

Add a fantastic new outdoor room to your house and get the most of the summer nights.